How much did YouTube pay for videos?
2023-08-24 21:48 In this article, we calculated the most watched youtube videos, the number of views and their estimated revenue from youtube. I hope you have an idea about what type of videos are watched the most.   Top 10 most-viewed YouTube videos  1. "Baby Shark Dance" views 13,19 *10⁹ - $7.9*10⁶  2. "Despacito" views 8,245*10⁹ - $4.9*10⁶  3. "Johny Johny Yes Papa" views 6,761*10⁹ - $4*10⁶   4. "Bath Song" views 6,334*10⁹ - $3.7*10⁶    5. "Shape of You" views 6,054*10⁹ - $3.6*10⁶  6. "See You Again" views 5,982*10⁹ - $3.5*10⁶   8. "Wheels on the Bus" views 5,472*10⁹ - $3.2*10⁶  7. "Phonics Song with Two Words" views 5,43*10⁹ - $3.2*10⁶   9. "Uptow...
Life Style
2023-08-03 15:29 Can we live without electricty & wi-fi?is it true the disappear  old life forms ? Where are we happier , in the city or rural?
2023-08-03 13:35 Oboo The traveler, who meets these stone groups on the way to the oboo, first turns around the oboo, starting from the east, and prays for the peaceful to reach his home and requests permission and help from the oboo's spirit and also adds a stone. It ensures that the journey will be comfortable, that nothing negative will happen to him along the way, and that he will go and return without encountering any problems. If the traveler does not fulfill the necessary steps, it will cause anger of the mountain lords; encountering various adversities, obstacles and dangers, he will not be able to realize the purpose of his journey, and will not be able to return safely.   Personel experience: We did not add stones during my journey and we took the wrong road 3 times on the way back.. I recommend you to follow the belief and do the necessary rituals. B.R  
Horror Games
2023-07-06 13:38 Keep your children away from the roblox game. There are many scary characters they may meet in the game. There are many sub-games that can disrupt the mental health of children, disrupting their sleeping habits, toilet habits, eating habits. These game videos are also published on youtube. I recommend that we ban videos containing roblox on Youtube .